Room-Use Reservation Form for POP Member Groups

Please Note:
  • Completing this form online provides POP with the information needed to reserve a room for a meeting or a POP-sponsored Event.
  • Scheduling and promoting major events requires the involvement of POP staff
  • Room reservation requests for a one-time meeting or event cannot be scheduled more than 9-months in advance.
  • For recurring events, ending dates cannot be extended beyond the next June 30.

If you'd like to check to see if there are conflicting events, please visit POP's Reservation Calendar here.


POP Room Reservation Request

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Be sure to indicate any dates not needed during the recurrence span, (i.e. holidays, etc.)

Is there a fee for this Event?

Will food or drink be present?*

By clicking on the SEND FORM button at the bottom of the form, the information provided will be emailed to the Church Office for a room assignment. Your request will be confirmed and given availability, via the contact information provided. The meeting or event will then be listed on the Church Calendar. The Church Calendar allows for the use of clip art, pictures, website links, and additional information to promote your event. Please attach any such information to an email to the Communications Director, Tiffany Sears.