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Classes usually begin in the middle of September. Students interested in participating in either the first or second year Confirmation curriculum please contact Minister to Families & Children.

Confirmation is an important part of spiritual growth in the Christian faith. The Holy Spirit calls us into a relationship with Christ through Holy Baptism. As young adults, our middle school students have the opportunity to take ownership of the commitment made at their baptism with a public statement about their faith in Christ. 

Confirmation classes provide an environment for students to learn, discuss, and ask questions about their faith. Confirmation classes will help students:

  • Understand what it means to be confirmed and feel ready to affirm his/her faith.
  • Be able to explain who Jesus is and what He means in his/her life.
  • Understand his/her God-given gifts and his/her role in the Body of Christ and at Prince of Peace

Confirmation instruction takes place in small groups. Each group meets once per week for 2 hours. 
The Confirmation program is designed to partner with parents and encourage spiritual conversation and growth in the home. Parents are expected to be active participants in their student’s spiritual development during the Confirmation process.


For more information on Prince of Peace Confirmation classes, please email Minister to Families & Children