Student Ministry


Student Ministry

 The Prince of Peace Student Ministry
exists to provide opportunities for students to:

Love, God, Love Others, Make Disciples

Those opportunities come in the form of small groups, servant events, and fellowship events.
Our modes of communication for upcoming, ongoing, and updated opportunities are via our Facebook Group, Weekly E-BlastInstagram.
Students are encouraged to sign up for our text messages.


Club 456

Club 456 provides opportunities for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. We believe this age group is crucial for families and their children’s faith in the development of good faith based habits. In the efforts to partner with you here are some ministry opportunities:

7th & 8th Grade

Our Jr. High program focuses on those continuing developmental years within the adolescent ages. Our confirmation program is primarily the center of this ministry as well as other opportunities:

9th-12th Grade

Our Sr. High program focuses on the stages of developing and understanding true identity in Christ while attending to those responsibilities of a senior adolescent. It’s within this demographic where we encourage students to take ownership of their faith and their ministry by providing the following opportunities:


Week of Hope Mission Trip 2018



RighNow Media, a website that houses 10,000+ video resources for kids, youth and adults. If you are interested in learning more or to be added to the subscription, please email John Durkin, DCE.


John Durkin, DCE, Minister to Families & Children
Katie Boltwood, Youth Ministry Assistant
Matt Bryant, Youth Ministry Intern