Mission & Philosophy


Mission & Philosophy

Easter MuralOur Mission... Is to SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST in word and deed through excellence in education with young children and their families

The Philosophy of Education at Prince of Peace Lutheran School

We believe that . . .

  • Children are gifts from a loving God
  • Children grow and develop at unique and individual rates that are often unrelated to chronological age
  • Children's play and engagement are fundamental to their growth, to their development, and to their learning
  • Children need experience in making choices
  • Children are active participants in their own learning
  • Children learn from one another
  • Children flourish in an environment based on trust

We believe that children learn most effectively with a professional faculty and staff who:

  • Are dedicated to teaching, nurturing and loving all children
  • Are knowledgeable and experienced in early childhood growth and development
  • Are committed to ongoing professional staff development
  • Are joyful and genuine in their ministry to children, their families, their colleagues, and the Prince of Peace Community
  • Are supportive of children's individual differences and learning styles
  • Are privileged to grow a community of caring learners within the classroom

We believe in fostering a child's growth and development in all the domains of learning, i.e., social and emotional, intellectual and language, spiritual and physical. We believe that all children grow and develop on a continuum and we know that in that continuum we accept and celebrate the range of individual differences that occur.

We know from experience that children are always learning. We believe in learning that is integrated and "goes deep" and is meaningful for young children. We are convinced that "hands-on, minds-on" learning happens when children are invited and engaged, and encouraged (as individuals and in groups) by teachers to be curious and thoughtful, wondering and imaginative, and caring and kind. We believe, as does the American Academy of Pediatricians, that children grow and learn and flourish within the context of play, espoused long ago by Jean Piaget. We are convinced that not only success and competency, but true joy and delight in reading and writing and speaking are grown and flourish in environments that encourage playfulness and invention. As advocates and practitioners who want to encourage learning for a lifetime, and nurture the disposition to read and write and converse, we embrace the research and the position statements of the International Reading Association.