Inclement Weather Policy


Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of snow, ice, or any other weather conditions that would warrant the closure of school, below is our policy:

When Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) close due to weather conditions, Prince of Peace Lutheran School will also close. 

winter familyEmergency weather conditions that call for a change in school hours during the school day will be announced on all local radio stations and will also be included on FCPS's Channel 21.  If an early closing is announced prior to our afternoon program starting, Prince of Peace School will cancel the afternoon program. If the afternoon program has already started we would like parents/childcare providers/carpoolers to pick up the children as soon as they hear of the early closing. 

If the weather is such that you feel uncomfortable driving your child to school, please don't bring them for that day. If your child is already at school and the weather seems to be getting worse, please come and pick up your child. We always would want you to be safe at home rather than trying to abide by school hours.

For any announced late opening (2-hour delay), our Kindergarten class will begin at 9:15am and our Preschool classes will begin at 9:30am.