Red Letter Challenge


Red Letter Challenge

The Red Letter Challenge (RLC) is a 40-day discipleship challenge, a 6-week sermon series, and a 7-week group discussion all rolled into one!

Dates: Sunday, February 23rd through Sunday, April 5th, 2020
Our Education Team hopes The RLC will help our congregation read God’s Word daily, regularly attend worship during lent, and develop more awareness of how Christ is at work around us, so that we can share our joy with others.   We hope you get to know some new people too! Can you imagine the fellowship hall with 100 people gathered to discuss God’s Word each Sunday?

The RLC, will explore 5 main principles of our life of faith through the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels (that are sometimes printed in red letters):

  • Being - what is our identity in Christ?
  • Forgiving - how do we forgive as we have been forgiven?
  • Serving - how do we show Christ’s love to the world?
  • Giving - how do we steward what God has given to us?
  • Going - what is Christ calling us to do with His good news?
What will it look like? 
  1. Each adult is encouraged to get a RLC workbook before February 26th, 2020, (that's when the sermon series begins) and read it daily throughout the season of Lent - books available in the Lobby
  2. Sermons during lent will teach about the Red Letter Themes
  3. Everyone will meet weekly in the fellowship hall from 9:45–10:45am for a Large group/small group discussion about the weekly readings.
  4. Children will get an opening Sunday school lesson that is also tied to RLC.

Ready to take the challenge?

Red Letter Sign up linkSign up! Use the link for Rightnow Media or scan the QR code. Then pick up your book in the Lobby for a suggested donation of $10-$20.
Bible Study Opportunities:
Sunday Morning from 9:45am – 10:45am, in the Fellowship Hall, facilitated by our staff.
Join a Small Group
If you are interested in joining a small group that is going through the Red Letter Challenge, contact