Dedicate Flowers for the Altar


Dedicate Flowers for the Altar

POP AltarFlowers are placed in the Sanctuary weekly, and are in place prior to the Saturday evening worship service. If you would like to dedicate flowers that will be placed on the altar for Anniversaries, in Memory of, or just for a special occasion, please complete the form below.

Payment Options

  • Bring your payment (cash or check) to Church Office.
  • Mail a Check to Prince of Peace to the attention of Tiffany Sears(Make checks payable to "Prince of Peace")
  • Pay Online using our secure payment service.
    (Please use the "Other" section and label as "Flowers.")

Dedicate Flowers Form

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Please enter the best phone number with which to reach you.

Please select the date you would like flowers placed in the Sanctuary.

Who is the person or what is the occasion for which you wish to dedicate flowers.