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POPlog Exodus, chapters 12 and 13 – Passover

Posted by Jason Faunce on

During a prayer meeting this summer, the Lord gave me a word: Goshen.

As I listened to the petitions offered during the meeting, the meaning of the word became clear to me: as God shielded the people of the Israel living in the land of Goshen during the time of the plagues inflicted upon the rest of Egypt, so God wants his church to be known as a shelter amidst the plagues in our world today.

- When the world outside suffers plague, the church inside has healing.

- When the world outside has darkness, the church inside has light.

- When the world outside has the angel of death visiting every household, the church inside has the blood of the Lamb of God as the sign of new life.

- When the world outside suffers broken families, broken neighborhoods, loneliness, and depression, the church inside knows the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

- When the world outside heaps guilt and shame for the sins of ancestors, the church inside has forgiveness and holiness.

- When the world outside is caught up in hatred and division, the church inside has love and restoration.

- When the world outside has violence and cursing, the church inside has peace and blessing.

- When the world outside has economic collapse, the church inside has provision and abundance.

- When the world outside has fear and trembling, the church inside has joy and hope.

Oh, what good news! Invite your neighbor to share in this Goshen!