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Hardwired and Gifted!

Posted by Stacey Crosson on

God has hardwired you uniquely to build His kingdom!

Do you believe that?

What is it that you alone bring to the world?

What do you have a passion for?

One of my nieces texted me a couple months ago.  She's a pilot for the U.S. Air Force and was flying into Dulles.  I had the opportunity to tour the airplane she flies and see first-hand the enormous responsibility our country has equipped her for. What impressed me the most was how my niece interacted with everyone, from the lower-ranking crewmates to the taxi driver to the workers in the terminal to my own little girls, who were enamored by her presence. What a testimony to kindness, grace, and respect for all people.  She isn’t allowed to speak openly about Jesus on her missions or in her workspace, but God is using her passion for flying to spread kindness all over the globe.

Another niece of mine is a Nurse Practitioner working in an emergency room in Tampa, FL. She is exactly the kind of health worker I want if I was experiencing a traumatic situation. Her gentle and caring spirit brings calm to uncertain and scary situations. As a believer in the ultimate Healer, I know she prays for her patients, inserting hope in the crucial moment.

And then I have a nephew who loves baseball. He’s been given a gift for catching. It’s fun to watch him give signs to the pitcher and throw so powerfully and accurately to second base to get the runner out. And man, can that guy hit the ball! His parents are so proud, as they are of each of their children. But it’s this young guy’s character off the field that is most impressive. He reads his Bible. He cares for his teammates. He is genuine about his struggles.  He demonstrates Christ in his choices and actions. He lives his faith in the open.

Your family is just like mine. Each person has been hardwired with a gift that is unique. We have been given the enormous responsibility to share our gifts with the world and to shine God's light, in order that, as Jesus proclaims in Matthew 5:16, "that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." 

Sharing our gifts with others points others to the love of a heavenly Father.

What is it that you bring uniquely to the world?

What do you have a passion for?

What gives you immense joy when you share it with others?

Claim it. Thank God for it. Enhance it. Shine it. Share it.

Stacey likes refers to herself as a “beautiful mess” who is learning to embrace the messiness of her life and live gracefully and authentically within it. She likes to create and enjoys the places it takes her. Stacey is married to Jeff and together they have two beautiful, very independent, strong-willed girls who are also learning to love and give love authentically. Jeff and Stacey are a family fighting for slow in northern Virginia after living in Germany for thirteen years. Stacey enjoys having friends over to her house, spending time with her family at home and on the road, reading, painting, basking in the sun, and encouraging others to move out in courage to live and share God’s love.

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