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Can a Table Make a Difference?

Posted by Stacey Crosson on

With all the stress and anxiety in the world, my husband Jeff and I have been asking ourselves how we can promote hope in our neighborhood and community

Jeff and I were both raised in communities which had dedicated spaces where people could gather and talk about current events, listen to differing opinions, and walk away with deeper understanding and appreciation for one another.

We live in challenging times and the church is not immune. The last couple weeks have been especially difficult here at POP.  Where can we go to process it and experience hope? 

On Tuesday I came home to a brand-new picnic table on my lawn. The text on my phone read, “Here is my contribution for healing and missional living in our community.” Jeff went to the store and for $98 bought a picnic table kit and with a few bolts, assembled the table in an hour and plopped it down literally in our front lawn. He shared that while he was working on it, he prayed for the many people who would sit at the table and be blessed by the conversations.

Within minutes of posting this story on Facebook, many friends and neighbors reached out.  I have three appointments next week with people who just want to connect and talk. One neighbor immediately came over with her two daughters when she heard about the table.  We sat together at the table, under the shade of the great oak tree, and connected in a new and special way but that is a story for another day (and you will want to hear it!  It’s good!)

So, can a table make a difference?  It already has. 

How can you bring hope to your neighborhood? Ask Jesus to show you what specifically would make a difference in your neighborhood.  And share your ideas.  Let’s lift up how God is moving among us. To Him be the glory, Amen!

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