Our Parents (FISH)


Our Parents (FISH)

Families Involved in our School Home ~ FISH

Noah's ArkAt Prince of Peace Lutheran School, we may have Pandas and Butterflies, Ladybugs and Dolphins... Koalas and Hummingbirds, and Puppies and Kittens... There may be Turtles or Foxes... Lions or Owls... And last but not least... It’s possible you might see Zebras, Lambs and Kangaroos, too!


FISH is your chance as a parent to be in a “class of your own!” FISH is our family organization at Prince of Peace... We hope you can “catch” the spirit!

Parents NightJust like your children’s classes, the focus of FISH is:
  • To help you make CONNECTIONS of friendship
  • To build and sustain COMMUNITIES of learning and caring among our families
  • To encourage COMMUNICATIONS which are helpful and effective

If you have a child at Prince of Peace, you belong here, too! If you...

  • school lobbyLike to network
  • Enjoy meeting people
  • Have a gift of hospitality and helping everyone feel welcome and included
  • Like to connect old friends with new friends
  • Like to organize but still have fun

Stay tuned learn more about Families Involved in our School Home! You don’t have to be small fish in a BIG pond... You can be a big FISH in our POP pond!

Fishtails ThumbnailFISHTAles MONTHLY Newsletter

Each month FISH sends out a newsletter packed with information on how you can get involved in your school home. For the latest FISHtales Newsletter click the button below.

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BOXtops & Labels for Education

Among the many things that FISH helps the school with is the BOXtops and Labels programs. The collection point for the BOXtops and Labels programs is located on the credenza, in the School Lobby, as you enter front doors. There is also a collection point in the Church Lobby (Narthex) for your convenience. For more information see our BOXtops & Labels page.


Prince of Peace hosts a MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers group. Moms come to connect, relax and renew their souls in a faith-filled, loving atmosphere. All moms with children ages pregnancy thru Kindergarten are welcome. For more information or to register, see our MOPS page on the Prince of Peace Church website.