Communication Request


Communication Request

Please note!

The 2017 end-of-year POP Holiday Schedule will affect Communicator submissions. Submissions for the November 26/27 issue must be received by Noon, on Monday, November 21, 2017
And… There will be one combined issue of the Communicator for the December 17/18 and December 24/25 weekends (there will not be an issue for December 24/25). Submissions for the combined Communicator must be received by Noon, on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

Please complete the form below to request publicity for an Event or Article.

Before making your request, please make sure you have:
  • Allowed adequate time for the communication process
  • Received approval from your Core Ministry Team Lead (i.e. Music Ministry, Care & Outreach Ministry, Women's Ministry, etc.)

If this is your first time submitting a request to The Prince of Peace Communication Team, please take a moment and read through the Communication Policies and Guidelines.

Please note REQUIRED questions. These are questions marked with an asterisk (*), that are required to submit the request.

After you submit your request, you should see a message stating "Your form has been submitted successfully."

If you do not see this message after submitting, please check to make sure you have completed all of the REQUIRED questions. If you still don't see the message, please contact the POP Webmaster.

Communication Request

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In the Content text box below, please include print-ready copy, suitable for publication.

Will this take place at POP?*

If yes, where on POP's campus?

If no, then where?

Is Registration Required?*

Do you need online Registration?

Please enter the date of your Registration Deadline

Indicate cost - if free, indicate that as well

Is Childcare provided - indicate ages and cost, if any

Please provide any Special Instructions: (This would include anything the Attendee needs to provide, such as a Bible, Journal, supplies, sleeping bag, etc.)

Upon submission, the Director of Communications will evaluate how best Prince of Peace can facilitate your request and will notify you.